Products that Matter


Type 4 Hair, Type 3C Hair

Type 4 and Type 3C Hair is traditionally dry so look for products with moisturizing elements such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Argan Oil

Styling - curling cream as a base and gels as the finisher before you style it. Stay away from drying alcohols such as those ending in -propyl, -prop, -eth

Type 3A, 3B Hair and 2C Hair

Type 3A and 3B Hair may also be dry but it doesn't take a lot to gain moisture. Hair creams on wet hair is your go-to money spot

Styling - curling cream is all you need

Type 2A, Type 2B Hair

Type 2 Hair, you have to be careful to not weigh your hair down too much so just a little bit of oil. Also, use light oils like sunflower or Abyssinian oil 

Styling - use  product sparingly and stay away from gels and heavy curling creams. Mousse is a friend of yours and so are lighter curling creams